Our Principles

Here at MedArk we live by a set of principles that underpin our objectives and all we do. Every decision we make is filtered through this paradigm. We believe it helps us stay focused on our mission and provide the greatest value to the customer and society we serve. 

Our Five Principles

Start with the customer - Our number one priority is making sure our customer is more than satisfied with the service and product we provide. We like to reverse engineer all our decisions here at MedArk, placing the customer at the centre and working backwards.

Simplify the process - To simplify the process means to increase clarity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This ultimately means more transparency and value for the customer. 

Earn trust - At MedArk we understand that trust is precious, powerful and fragile. We want to earn it, not ask you for it. We do this by listening carefully, speaking transparently, fulfilling our promises and treating you, our customer, with utmost respect.

Explore the possibilities - We are never done learning. We can always get better. And this involves exploration into the unknown, to seek new possibilities of doing business at every turn. This is core to our philosophy. 

We are here to serve - MedArk does not exist to serve MedArk. It exists to serve the community and the society we live in. We have always been and will always be bound by a social and moral contract to serve those around us before ourselves. We donate regularly to Dignity Freedom Network.