Benefits For You

Why choose us over other suppliers? We have at least 5 great reasons:

1) We are cost-effective - we understand that running a practice/business is costly. Our products are one of the cheapest in the space, and still the most eco-friendly. We want eco-friendly supplies to be accessible to all, without the exorbitant price tag.

2) We don't "greenwash" - we are not into making hogwash claims about green products that are actually just as bad for the environment as current options. We carefully research, test, and validate certification of every product on our shelves so you know its the best.

3) Been there, done that - we know firsthand what we are talking about when it comes to medical plastic waste. As medical doctors with experience in the field, we are the first to admit we have produced A LOT of medical plastic ourselves. We are changing this way of life ourselves first, and we invite you to join us.

4) Build your own reputation - research shows that the majority of consumers rate businesses that employ eco-friendly practices, above the rest. By replacing your supplies with eco-friendly versions, you can proudly set yourself apart as a trustworthy and reputable practice or business.

5) Align with the nation's values - with the passing of the Zero Carbon Bill, our government has set a target for net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Eco-friendly procurement decisions will not only get us there sooner, but will be mandatory in years to come. Join the movement now!