ThinkWise Biodegradable Soft Wipes

ThinkWise Biodegradable Soft Wipes

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Soft, premium dry wipe made from non-woven, low linting 100% bamboo. Perfect for use on sensitive baby, child and adult skin. Also effective wipe on hard inanimate surfaces. Simply dampen the wipes with water for cleansing delicate skin, face, body or surfaces.

50 wipes per pack. Size of each wipe is 33 x 29cm.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
Made of 100% natural and sustainable bamboo.
100% biodegradable.
No risky chemicals, fragrances, parabens, preservatives, petrochemicals, alcohol, phthalates or bleach.

Current Use
Perfect for use on any skin type, as well as multipurpose use for cleaning surfaces.
Can also be used as non-flushable nappy liners.