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Reynard Biodegradable Soft Wipes
Reynard Biodegradable Soft Wipes

MedArk Ltd

Reynard Biodegradable Soft Wipes

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Ultra soft wipes that contain no harsh chemicals or fragrances. They are low linting, highly absorbable and 100% bamboo. Easily dispensed from the box, they are highly portable, convenient and practical. The preferred alternative for flannels or face cloths.

50 wipes per box. Each wipe is 33 x 29cm.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Made of 100% bamboo

Wipes fully compost within 3 months in appropriate, compost conditions

Implements ISO14001 framework.

Current Use

The perfect addition to your desk, reception, clinic room or ward as an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative. Also perfect for aged care homes, beauticians and general purpose.