CleanLab Toilet Cleaner and Sanitiser (5L)

CleanLab Toilet Cleaner and Sanitiser (5L)

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Commercial strength and organic acid based toilet cleaner and disinfectant. The ideal addition to your practice's cleaning pantry. Designed for routine toilet and urinal maintenance cleans. Made from biodegradable and environmentally friendly ingredients.
The least hazardous and toxic, most biodegradable option to reduce water and air pollution.

Size: Comes in 5L bottle. 

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
Made from plant sources with ingredients being plant and mineral-derived.
Components biodegrade within 28 days as measured by OECD 301B test methods.
Packaged in an NZ recyclable HDPE bottle that is completely suitable for recycling.

Current Use
Ideal for use in healthcare institutions, the food services and public toilet cleaning. 

ISO9001 certified, GMP certified, International Eco Warranty