Why Choose MedArk?


MedArk exists to achieve three fundamental objectives. These objectives are underpinned by five principles we value above all else.

Objective 1: Build a culture of eco-conscious product use within the New Zealand healthcare system.

As trained medical clinicians and medical supply distribution specialists, we know firsthand the condition of the New Zealand healthcare system when it comes to eco-friendly product consumption. There is a long way to go before we can truly be proud of it. Tonnes of plastic, metal, carbon and various other non-biodegradable substances make their way from the hospitals, to rubbish dumps, landfills and even our oceans. Here they persist, causing damage to surrounding soil, water and wildlife.
But we believe that with small, consistent steps, we can reverse this downward spiral. Like they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Small steps, lead to consistent habits, which lead to a culture change, which lead to a more sustainable healthcare system.

Objective 2: Be the premiere one stop shop for all healthcare related eco-friendly products in New Zealand.

From our experience, there are only a handful of eco-friendly biodegradable disposable medical products out there. They are hard to find and even more difficult to source. On top of this, they are usually made and sold by different manufacturers in different parts of the world. Hence any effort to incorporate these products into your practice, institution or home can be a long, arduous and expensive process. Not to mention the increased carbon foot print of such an inefficient process. We want to change all that. As your premiere online store, we source, order and hold stock right here in the country. When you order with us with just a click, we get the product to you in the most cost-effective and efficient way. This means at the lowest price, and the least hassle.

Objective 3: Give back.

At MedArk, we are so grateful to live and work in Aotearoa, a land of beauty and opportunity. With such abundant world-class health care, resources and great political leadership, we are thriving in a time when the rest if the world is at the mercy of the COVID pandemic. We feel a strong moral obligation to give back and serve those who are not able to help themselves. We are one human race. We need to help each other and look after our planet. Hence, we give 20% of all profits to two separate charities. For you our customer, it means you can rest assured that every dollar you spend with us is helping a cause bigger than us.