Why Should You Make Your Practice More Eco-Friendly

It is undeniable. There is a positive shift in our culture toward becoming more eco-friendly. In all sectors of industry this is the case, but the healthcare sector is lagging behind. But there are perks in becoming more green. Here are 3 great reasons to consider making the shift.

1) Save money - It may seem that a shift to being eco-friendly will come at a heavy cost, a luxury only for larger or affluent practices with funds to spare. But becoming more eco-friendly does not need to be a head long dive into eco-perfection. Small, consistent changes can often have the most dramatic effect...especially on your budget. Things like turning off lights in all the rooms and reducing the daily water consumption can save you a fortune. Recyclable or biodegradable medical products were once new, innovative and expensive. Now they are just as affordable as their regular plastic counterparts. There are a whole range of simple alternative products at www.medarkinc.com, at incredibly affordable prices.

2) Increased patient satisfaction and trust - Today, both the old and new generations see huge value in taking small steps to preserve our planet. People are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and studies suggest they are more likely to support eco-friendly businesses than in decades past. Studies suggest that over 75% of active customers in the US green marketplace feel it is very important for companies to embrace green practices. Making your practice green and eco-friendly enhances the marketability of your service. This can prove to be a valuable asset in a seemingly more competitive healthcare landscape.

3) Healthier work environment - Healthcare facilities by nature can be very stressful environments. Phones ringing off the hook, sick and unwell patients, difficult family members. Not great for a person's overall health. By choosing green and eco-friendly products and solutions, you reduce the risk of exposing your team to harmful chemicals and pollutants. Promoting eco-healthy practices like carpooling can help reduce harmful emissions. And overall, the commitment that you and your practice are taking small steps toward achieving a bigger cause...this adds more meaning and purpose to all members of your practice.

Being green, sustainable and eco-friendly does not need to come at a cost. In fact, quite the opposite. Small, simple, consistent changes can make all the difference and save you time and money in the process. Check out alternative green products you can add to your practice today at www.medarkinc.com. Join the movement.

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